Gallery "terra recognita“

Since its establishment in 2009, in the heart of Vilnius old town, Stikliai street, gallery “terra recognita” still is one of the most unique and interesting galleries in the capital. It is no coincidence that in 2015 gallery was included in London’s “Culture trip” list, which included 10 most visited galleries in Vilnius. This is the gallery of an exceptional, one-of-a-kind artist Saulius Vaitiekūnas, whose style is easy to recognize, but who is completely volatile at the same time. His body of work combines seemingly contrasting forms of expression: small-scale plastic art of stones and metals, jewelry, statuesque objects and conceptual installations.   Inside “Terra recognita”, all of these expressions become part of a single ever-changing and continuous installation. Items that are meant for body marking and are made from sea stones, flint and silver become   “ritualistic accessories”, votes, watches, buttons and other objects that speak to a person’s body and soul. Whereas the statuesque and conceptual installations by S. Vaitiekūnas return to the gallery as to its own home, its primordial territory, its own recaptured Earth.   This way the artist aim to engage spectator not by one object, but with the entirety, with the space of the gallery, which becomes a separate work of art.   “Terra recognita” is a regular participant in “Art Vilnius” and “Craft Vilnius” art fairs, as well as attendee in “Cultural night” and many different charity events.

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