Saulius Vaitiekūnas symbols and things

Every work of Saulius Vaitiekūnas is born out of necessity, when feelings and thoughts begin to gather in uncontrollable masses and feel that they must break out, to gain a material form. This is how creations appear where the artist plays the role of a mediator rather than a creator out of nothing-a demiurge. TIME is the ruler of Vaitiekūnas thoughts and feelings, all artworks were born from connection with time. Existence is dark and difficult, even darker is the future, so the only way to control the darkness is to acknowledge the time and shape it. The artist’s works are like incantation and propitiation through patient work: drawing, forging, molding. The material foundation of Vaitiekūnas works is STONE. Coming from the depths of the earth and speaking of the fact that he is first and foremost an archetype, making all equal by nature. Which can be inlaid with silver, giving decorativeness to the archetype, sacralizing it through ornaments. A stone that is sacred in itself and can offer a blessing like thousands of pebbles on the beach with holes. Along with what is eternal, the artist also looks at what is temporary. It conveys this by using handmade ready-made objects. In this way, breadpushers turn into the shadows of Neringa’s baptismal or Charon’s oars, fishing nets become a metaphor for the global Internet or the internal Enter-net, or clouds of thoughts. Saulius Vaitiekūnas cannot create comfortably, elegantly and to pleasing everyone. It is heavy and ambiguous, kind of poetic and transcendental. It is and so it will be, for the artist does not lack neither signs nor things. Based on dr. Jurgita Ludavičienė’s texts
Contemprorary jewelry
Digital prints