Visit the 6th international contemprorary metal art biennale “Metalophone”

Visit the 6th international contemprorary metal art biennale “Metalophone”. Exhibition will be open from 2022-09-30 until 2023-02-28. Address: Arsenalo street 3, Vilnius

Iron ore, aluminum

One of the most interesting and vital metals in the background of our lifetime is iron (Fe).
And not only because it is the most common and widely used metal on Earth.
We are related to Fe by much closer – “personal” ties. As we know, iron is involved in the production of hemoglobin, which supplies every cell in our body with oxygen, and when it is insufficient, anemia is diagnosed, which manifests itself in general weakness, apathy, depression, loss of quality of life and, of course, the loss of oneself.
According to WHO, 3,580,000,000 people in the world are deficient in Fe. Not much better when there is too much iron. (See Hemochromatosis). Industrial cataclysms, economic crises, national, religious conflicts and wars testify that similar ailments and for similar reasons (lack or excess of Fe) are characteristic not only of individuals, but also of larger communities, nations, and states.
The body and the world are a place to remind this.